Privacy Policy

Article 1 Purpose of Privacy Policy

CustomerPerspective, Inc. (“we” hereinafter) may retain personal information from customers (“Personal Information”) when providing services. We attach importance to protecting our customers’ valuable Personal Information and will comply with laws, regulations, government-stipulated guidelines, other norms, and this policy. Our Privacy Policy takes into account the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, such as the European Union’s principles for protecting general information.

Article 2 Scope of Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to every use of our website (the “Website”) by you and governs the processing of Personal Information via the Website. We are the Controller for this processing.
  2. The Website may include references of third parties (for example hyperlinks or banners). We do not control these references and are not responsible for compliance with the Applicable Privacy Legislation by these third parties. We recommend you to carefully read the privacy policies of the third party websites you are visiting.

Article 3 Personal Information Collected

  1. We may collect the following Personal Information from you:
    • Name,
    • Company name,
    • Division and Title,
    • E-mail address,
    • Phone Number,
    • IP address, and
    • Cookie-based behavioral data.
  2. Personal Information is collected by us:
    • When you enter personal information in such instances as inquiries on the Website.
    • When you use the Website
  3. We will process personal information only in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Article 4 Purpose of Use

  1. We may collect and process personal information only for the purposes specified below:
    1. Acceptance and Response to Inquiries
    2. Support to the customer (based on Personal Information provided by the customer)
    3. Marketing activity
    4. Improvement of services through data analysis
  2. If we intend to further process the Personal Information for a purpose other than the purposes specified above, we will provide you with information about the other purpose and all relevant and additional information before further processing.

Article 5 Security and Provision to Third Parties

We take appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect your Personal Information and to prevent misuse, loss or alteration thereof. In principle, we will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties. Provided, however, that the right to access Personal Information may be granted only to employees and other third parties who need to access such information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. They are obliged to maintain confidentiality under an employment contract or individual contract.

Article 6 Retention Period

  1. We do not store your Personal Information any longer than strictly necessary for the purposes for which we collect the Personal Information.
  2. You may request us to delete the Personal Information at any stage. If the Personal Information is no longer required for the purposes for which we collected or otherwise processed the Personal Information, we will delete the Personal Information.

Article 7 Cookies(Cookies)

  1. We use cookies to ensure that the Website functions properly.
  2. Cookies are stored by the browser on the computerof users of the Website. We use different types of cookies for different purposes.
    • Functional Cookies: Cookies required for the Website to function correctly.
    • Analytical Cookies: Cookies to get information about how users of the Website are using some content of the Website. This will allow us to improve the Website and make the Websites as consistent as possible with the concerns and importance of users. We use data acquired through cookies only to analyze the usage of the Website.
  3. We will use third party cookies only to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Website. For example, we use Google Analytics that maintains a strict privacy policy.
  4. Most browsers default to enabling cookies. The browser setting enables you to disable cookies or display them when sending cookies. However, if cookies are disabled, the functions and services on the Website and other sites may not function properly.

Article 8 Contact Information

Any inquiries about this privacy policy or the handling of personal information shall be made by entering the required information to the Contact.

Article 9 Others

  1. We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to regularly review the applicable conditions.
  2. If a provision from this Privacy Policy is in conflict with the law, it will be replaced by a provision of the same purport that reflects the original intention of the provision, all this to the extent legally permissible. In that case, the remaining provisions remain applicable and unchanged.