Keynote Presentation at Nikkei Event “Subscription Business 2020”

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  • Keynote Presentation at Nikkei Event “Subscription Business 2020”

On Wednesday October 28 at 13:00, I will make a keynote presentation at the following Nikkei Event.

Subscription Business 2020

~Case Study: Keys to Growth and Success ~

The event is free and streamed live,

My presentation takes place from 13:00 ~ 13:30 with a theme of “Driving Growth for Subscription Business.” The focus will be on customer experience design that realizes growth, and mechanisms to establish relationship with customers.  My presentation builds on my experience of consulting for services and media companies, makers, and online shopping sites, with analyses from perspectives of a customer, consultant, and operating company.

If you are interested, please register and watch the live stream.

Last but not least, I’d like to express thanks to Nikkei group who offered me this wonderful opportunity.

Ken Kasegawa

CustomerPerspective, Inc.