Starting activity at Musashino University’s Faculty of Data Science

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  • Starting activity at Musashino University’s Faculty of Data Science

In August, I began lecturing as visiting professor at Musashino University‘s Faculty of Data Science, on a part time basis.

The Faculty of Data Science started in April 2019. Musashino University now attracts attention as one of the three universities called “MUSYC” that offer dedicated data science schools.

AERA’s article on popularity of faculties of data science at MUSYC

Led by Professor Kamibayashi, the faculty comprises researchers in the most advanced fields of data science. As the school just started, all the students are in the first year. Like a startup, the school is full of enthusiasm of faculty and students creating a new school together.

The theme of my first lecture was “Addressing Corporate Issues with Data Science.” In the past years, I gained tremendous benefit from data science in driving businesses. My desire is to contribute to Musashino University’s program with the perspectives of companies taking advantage of data science. Areas of application include digital strategy, marketing, customer experience improvement, and developing new businesses and services. I am also hoping there will be an opportunity where I can connect my consulting practice and activity at the Musashino University.

I frequently discuss needs of hiring data scientists at my client companies. I am hopeful students with deep expertise in data science will be highly demanded by companies in Japan.

I am grateful to Musashino University for this wonderful opportunity.

Ken Kasegawa