LaunchX サマープログラム 2023 にメンターとして参加。Recommendationを頂きました

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  • LaunchX サマープログラム 2023 にメンターとして参加。Recommendationを頂きました


LaunchXは世界の高校生のための起業家養成プログラム。今年のサマープログラムは7月5日から8月4日の間に開催され、私は4つのチームのメンターとしてMock Board Meetingsに参加。今年のチームのメンバーは中国、インド、韓国、カザフスタンを含むアジア各国の高校生です。

4つのチームすべてにおいて、共にメンターとして参加したKoen Smeets氏がRecommendationを書いてくれたので紹介します。


代表取締役 紣川 謙 Ken Kasegawa



What impressed me above all about Ken is how he combines his incredible kindness and humbleness with deep expertise in so many aspects of entrepreneurship to both me and every single student he mentored. There are few people I’ve met who genuinely want to help people just to make the world a better place and Ken is most definitely one of them.

Knowing his extensive background in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and digital marketing, I was at first unsure what value I would be able to add to the teams we mentored together at the LaunchX Summer Entrepreneurship program. However, just by being himself Ken not just provided me space but encouraged me to voice my ideas and thoughts. In the progress, we made a fantastic team and he truly helped me to grow as a mentor.

Thanks to Ken’s extensive experience and systematic approach towards mentoring teams on entrepreneurship, he ensured the teams actually build minimal viable products and engaged with customers to test these. He deeply impressed me with his dedication towards building viable businesses, especially when combined with the advice he was able to give thanks to his expertise in startups, e-commerce, and digital marketing. I truly learned so much from Ken just by mentoring along his side. Each week I was able to see how much further the teams got thanks to the strong and applicable foundation he taught on entrepreneurship, to which Ken encouraged me to add my own thoughts and ideas. From digital technologies for elder care and fitness to plushies and t-shirts, Ken was able to provide advice on it all.

Koen Smeets, Yenching Scholar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Qingbei Mountain